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Turkish Bath & Hammam

How is a Turkish Bath & Hammam Made?

"Temperature: between 38° C to 42° C
Humidity: 50% to 80% relative humidity"

The Roman baths, one of the magnificent structures of the time, greatly influenced the bathing cultures of the Islamic civilizations that came after them, including the Ottoman Empire. The word "Hamam" comes from the Arabic word "Hamm," which means "to warm, to be warm" in Turkish. In addition to the widespread use of the word bath today, in some regions of Anatolia, the bath is also called "hot" or "hot." Turkish baths, one of the most important water structures that have survived today, are a type of structure that emerged from the combination of the Turkish bath and Anatolian bath culture. Turkish Bath & Hammams , one of the most important water structures in history, continue to be used today as a place for cleaning and washing for Turkish culture and as places where many social and cultural activities are held.

In addition, the hammam bath is a type of bath that is very beneficial for health and has positive effects on the body.

Turkish Bath & Hammam manufacturing continues its existence in various living spaces, together with the changing conditions and requirements in human life. Turkish Bath & Hammam projects for many different concepts such as facilities providing accommodation services for rest and relaxation, sports halls, spa centers, and private residences are of great importance in designing them according to the function. The Turkish hammams projects, which are designed to be functional, provide many benefits in terms of ease of use and cost of the Turkish Bath & Hammam.

There are several basic stages in the manufacturing process of baths. First of all, exploration and examination work should be done in the place considered for the construction of a bath. The analyzes made at the end of the study are transferred to the customers, and the ideas of the customers are taken about the project, and then the project process begins. At these stages, the customer's thoughts about the bath projects are reflected in a suitable way for the project. Therefore, it is of great importance that the heating system is well designed and the model is designed following the function with the dimensions of the Turkish Bath & Hammam to be taken.

What You Need to Know in Turkish Bath & Hammam Construction

The most important of the factors that should be considered in the first stage of the construction of the bath is the function for which the Turkish Bath & Hammam will be built. After this decision is made, the design and manufacturing process begins. Quality materials should be used in the construction stages of the Turkish Bath & Hammam, the design should be planned in accordance with the concept, the heating and ventilation systems should be set up well, and the management of the application process should be ensured appropriately.

Turkish Bath & Hammam; It consists of three basic parts: changing rooms, bathing places (Hamam), heating place (culhan). There are shaped partitions around a large sofa where the bathers lie down in the dressing areas. In the washing areas, there are areas where everyone is washed one by one called the basin head, one-person washing areas, and the section where the navel stone is located. The heating area is located under the bath. The flames coming out of the fire under the bath come out of the chimney called tüteklik thanks to the special channels under the marble. A few channels reach under the navel stone, and this area is therefore much hotter than other areas.

There are two heating options during the production of the bath: electrical heating and heating with hot water. The hot water heating method, which is mostly used in hotels or social facilities, is less costly than the other method. In systems where heating is made using hot water, heating pipes are laid on the thermal insulation board, ensuring that these pipes reach every area in the bath. These systems, where every point of the bath can be heated at very high temperatures quickly, can be applied in bath production projects where less cost is desired. The electric heating system is used in places where hot water cannot be provided, and it is also preferred for individual uses. In this system, the bath does not need to be heated continuously, and it will be sufficient to open it a while before it is used.

Stages of Turkish Bath & Hammam Production

During the construction of the bath, first of all, examination and survey should be done in the place. At this time, the project enters the preparatory phase. It is necessary to contact customers at all times, as it should be at every stage. After taking the survey, the squaring of the walls and insulation applications should be completed. During the bath projects and applications, meticulous efforts are made to realize the design that the customers dream of.

Collaboration with the customer should be made in all details of the design, from the choice of marble to the plumbing and underfloor heating systems. Every decision made during the construction phase of the bath will greatly affect the customer's comfort, so it is recommended to get consultancy services from experts in the field to facilitate the implementation processes of these projects. Various ergonomic solutions are also offered to the customer in order to provide the right form in navel stone and sitting applications. We, as Sauna Dekor, continue our work meticulously with our marble workshop, wide product range, and expert technical staff, where we provide cutting technique services such as water jet cutting and CNC cutting to our customers. Various designs are applied to the marbles, with CNC cuts applied to the marble. In addition, tiles are applied to the back of the navel basin. After the installation and application stages with the selected marble colors, fountain, core stone, materials, and decoration items, we complete our customers' journey to their dreams...

Important Factors in Turkish Bath & Hammam Construction

For the construction of a good bath, keeping the heating system of the marble at an optimum level, the temperature of the core stone section is higher than the other areas, the comfortable and relaxing nature of the marble, the special design of the water heating piping line system, the planning of the ventilation system design, the application in wet areas. Furthermore, the amount of joint on the marble used should be kept to a minimum in terms of the quality of the insulation, the scaling of the lines connected to the mechanical calculations, and the easy cleaning.

Turkish Bath & Hammam heating systems should ensure that different temperatures are applied between the digital thermostatic control panels and the sitting core stone. However, the use of steel mesh and compressed panels on the walls and under the marble is of great importance in terms of the durability of the marble. A very stylish appearance is achieved in the interior by making applications such as vaults, domes, and stretch ceilings on the ceilings during the production of the bath and illuminating the ceiling with fiber LEDs. These practices need to be meticulously implemented and followed up.

Materials Used in Turkish Bath & Hammam Construction

The selected bath materials should be applied meticulously and with good workmanship throughout the bath construction process. A quality and functional design can be created by combining traditional Turkish bath materials and developing technology. The bath materials to be used for the flooring surface should be hygienic and easy to clean. The heating system should be set up; after this process, the top surface of the baths covered with marble is covered with the last decorative materials. These can be decorative and easy-to-clean bath materials such as ceramics. One of the most important features to be considered in the materials to be used during the Turkish Bath & Hammam construction is to choose heat-resistant materials. Since the navel stone section will be the hottest place of the bath, heat-resistant materials should be used in this section as well. Finally, it is extremely important to choose the right type and quality of the faucets to be used for both projects. The variety of faucets as traditional and modern, has a significant role in the overall design of the bath.

Cost of Turkish Bath & Hammam Construction

The cost of hammam projects, which are designed following many different concepts such as hotels, holiday villages, gyms, and private residences, is determined according to some parameters. Bath models vary according to factors such as marble quality, faucet types, materials used, and function. As a result, factors such as the function of the place where the bath will be manufactured, the dimensions of the area, and the quality of the materials to be used are effective on the prices of the baths. Therefore, a Turkish Bath & Hammam project can be done with low budgets and high budgets. For questions like this, you can ask for support from our professional staff and get consultancy service by asking the questions you want.

Turkish Bath & Hammam Models and Prices

The cost of the bath; The dimensions of the area where the hammam will be manufactured, the preparation and dressing rooms, the selected material qualities, the logistics of the project, etc., varies depending on many different factors. You can ask us everything you have in mind for your dream bath project by contacting the Sauna Dekor Spa & Solutions team.

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