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Traditional Turkish Bath & Hammams

How is a Turkish Bath Made?

Roman baths have taken an important place in our culture since the Turks accepted Islam. The traditional Turkish Bath greatly influenced the bathing cultures of the Islamic civilizations that came after it, including the Ottoman Empire. Traditional Turkish Baths are one of the most important water structures that have survived to the present day and are of great importance for both mental and physical health. People get rid of the stress of daily life with the relaxing effect of hot water. In addition to all these, the Turkish bath, one of the most important water structures in history, is still in use today as a place for cleaning and bathing for Turkish culture and where many social and cultural activities are held. When it comes to the traditional Turkish baths, the main elements that come to mind first are; hot water, navel stone, scrubs, massages, aromatic scents, and soaps can be given as examples.

There are several main stages in the manufacturing process of Turkish baths. First of all, an examination is made in the project area. The analyses made as a result of the examination are shared with the customers, and the customers' ideas are taken about the project they imagine in their minds. Then the bath production project process begins. The correct planning of the insulation and heating system, especially in wet areas, is of great importance in the implementation process of the old Turkish bath.

What You Need to Know in the Construction of a Turkish Bath

The most important factor that should be planned for the Turkish baths is the usage function of the building where the bath will be applied. Therefore, traditional Turkish bath projects designed for many different concepts such as facilities providing accommodation services for relaxation, gyms, spa centers, and private residences are significant in designing them according to the function. During the Turkish bath manufacturing process, applications should be made with quality materials and quality craft. In addition, the heating, ventilation, and water channels systems of the bath should be set up well, and the management of the application process should be ensured correctly.

Stages of Turkish Bath Production

During the production of the traditional Turkish bath, first of all, examination and survey should be done. It is necessary to be in contact with the customer at all times, as every decision in Turkish bath manufacturing projects will significantly affect the customer's comfort after the project. After taking the survey, squaring the walls and insulation applications should be completed. After completing the selected marble types and colors, fountain, core stone, materials, and decoration elements, the project implementation process comes to an end.

Traditional Turkish Bath; It is divided into three basic sections: dressing areas, washing areas (Hamam), and heating area (kühan). There are shaped partitions around a large sofa where the bathers lie down in the dressing areas. In the washing areas, there are areas where everyone is washed one by one called the basin head, closed and only washing areas, and the section where the navel stone is located. The heating area is located under the bath. The flames under the bath come out of the chimney called tüteklik thanks to the special channel under the marble. A few channels go under the navel stone, and this area heat up much more than other areas.

Important Factors in the Construction of a Turkish Bath

It is recommended that you get consultancy services from professionals in this field to make the right choices for traditional Turkish Bath practices by consulting with experts in the field and facilitating you in the design and implementation process of your project.

Sauna Dekor Spa & Solutions has been involved in numerous projects at home and abroad with its experience of more than 30 years. With the experience gained in each project, qualified expert staff, and superior service quality, it enables you to carry your dream Turkish bath construction to your interior spaces with its expert staff.

Materials Used in the Construction of a Turkish Bath

We implement traditional Turkish bath projects with our expert staff and technical team for many different concepts such as hotels, accommodation facilities, gyms, spa centers, and private residences. The most important point in these applications will be choosing the appropriate design understanding for the Traditional Turkish Bath architecture. Furthermore, the selected bath materials should be applied with great care during the construction process of the bath.

The fact that the materials contain the elements of traditional Turkish bath architecture is of great importance in terms of the atmosphere of the bath.

The bath materials to be used for the flooring surface should be hygienic and easy to clean. In the first stage, the heating system should be set up. After this process, the baths covered with marble are covered with decorative materials. These can be decorative and easy-to-clean bath materials such as ceramics. One of the most important features to be considered in the materials to be used during Turkish bath production is choosing heat-resistant materials. Since the navel stone section will be the hottest place in the bath, heat-resistant materials should be used in this section as well.

Cost of Turkish Bath Construction

The cost of hammam projects, which are designed following many different concepts such as accommodation facilities, halls, and private residences, is determined by some factors. Bath models vary according to the material and function used. Parameters such as the function of the interior, its dimensions, and the quality of the materials to be used affect the prices of the baths.

Turkish Bath Models and Prices

Turkish bath prices; varies depending on many different parameters such as the size of the area where the project will be held, preparation and dressing room services, quality and workmanship of the preferred materials, and project logistics. For your dream Turkish bath project, you can ask any question that comes to your mind by contacting the Sauna Dekor Spa & Solutions team, and you can get information on every subject.

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