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Swimming Pool

How to Make a Swimming Pool?

Swimming pool can basically be examined in two ways as indoor swimming pools indoors and outdoor swimming pools outdoors. Outdoor and indoor swimming pool sizes vary according to the wishes and needs of the users.


There are three parameters to consider for correct swimming pool dimensions;

  • Open area suitable for the usage function of the pool, the pool and its surroundings.
  • Budget set for the project.
  • The quality of the materials used and the decorative objects added to the project

Swimming pools, which can be designed as a natural extension of the concept in your living spaces, can be enriched with alternative forms and material options.


Sauna Dekor Spa & Solutions is among the best swimming pool companies in the world with its years of experience and quality service understanding and offers holistic services to your projects. As Sauna Dekor, we develop swimming pool projects for many different concepts with our professional team. We offer aesthetic designs in different models and sizes for private residences such as holiday resorts, accommodation facilities such as hotels, spa centers, luxury sites and villas.

Stages of Swimming Pool Manufacturing

  • First in the construction of swimming pools; The area where the pool will be built is determined, then the excavation and correction of the ground are done.
  • In the second step, concrete is poured into the pool area and insulation applications are made on the inner walls of the pool.
  • In the third step, the necessary applications for electricity and water systems are completed. At this stage, steel construction works are also carried out.
  • With the fourth step, screed, plaster and then ceramic flooring are made inside the pool. For those who want to keep the cost lower at this stage, a pool lining that will give the pool its blue color can also be used.
  • In the fifth and last stage, the swimming pool is filled with water together with the lighting elements and the necessary controls are made.


The quality of the materials selected during the construction of the pool, application details such as ceramics and joints are the most important factors affecting user comfort and service life. A small mistake made during the swimming pool project process or application process causes problems such as cracking, spillage and leakage in the pools. Fixing these small mistakes can sometimes lead to high values. For this reason, it is very important to work with an experienced and professional team in pool projects.


As Sauna Dekor Spa & Solutions, we design and manufacture the projects of our customers' dreams in accordance with international quality standards by meticulously applying all the details of pool construction.


Materials Used in Swimming Pool Construction

The following steps are very important for swimming pool construction details:

It is very important that the materials used in swimming pool projects are long-lasting and will not leak, crack or spill. Filters are used in swimming pools to ensure the cleanliness of the pool. In order to keep the water clear and clean, every swimming pool must be fitted with a filter.


It is necessary to use durable materials in pool filters. There are basically 3 swimming pool filters: sand, cartridge and diatomaceous earth filters. The capacity and quality of the filter system for cleaning the pool water also directly affects the comfort and health of the users.


Grids used on the sides of the pool are among the materials that come into contact with chlorine the most. Therefore, these materials must be selected in a quality that is resistant to chlorine and will not break or spill.


Another material used in pools is the pool ladder. There are many different types of these stairs that can be selected according to the wishes of the users. It is important to use materials that are resistant to sunlight and chlorine on pool stairs, which are exposed to sunlight and chlorine.


Swimming Pool Construction Cost

In swimming pool construction projects, first of all, the function and dimensions of the pool are determined. After the swimming pool dimensions are determined, the materials are selected and applied. All of these processes have an impact on the cost of the swimming pool. In short, the cost of the swimming pool; It varies depending on many different factors such as whether the pool is open or closed, its material, design and application details.


Swimming Pool Models and Prices

Swimming pool models can be examined in two ways, mainly indoor and outdoor swimming pools. The main areas of use of swimming pools, which are designed for many different concepts; hotels, resorts, spa centers, luxury estates and villas.


In order for you to make the right choices for the swimming pool models of your dreams and to provide you convenience in the design and implementation process of your project, it is recommended that you get consultancy service from a team of experts in pool construction.

As Sauna Dekor Spa & Solutions, we offer all kinds of support to our customers, together with our technical team, where you can get support and consultancy by asking all the questions you want to ask for your dream swimming pool manufacturing project.

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