Spa & Wellness

• What is Spa & Wellness? How is it done?

During the Roman Empire, the treatment in the baths built by the Roman soldiers, who were tired and devastated from the war, to heal their wounded bodies, was called "Sanus Per Aquam" (SPA) at that time. In Latin, health with water means health from water. Spa & Wellness, which has a wider scope than the meaning of the word, is a name given to facilities that provide not only water and mud therapies but also health cure services such as hot tubs, various massage therapies, aromatherapies, beauty and care. It is also used in the sense of integrative therapy, in which the feelings of rest and relaxation gained through applications such as health, hot, cold and different forms of pouring, dripping and spraying are acquired.

It should not be forgotten that the understanding of wellness does not only consist of physical practices, but also that spiritual practices are important especially in terms of the understanding of holism, and that there is no limitation for the activities that constitute the integrity of wellness. Wellness is a way of life that you design to achieve your highest potential for a peaceful life and well-being. Today, water is used during spa wellness treatments to relax and revitalize the body.

Spa wellness treatments accelerate blood circulation in the body, remove dead skin from the skin, help the digestive system work more regularly, accelerate the removal of excess fat in the body and help to weaken. In short, thanks to spa wellness treatments, your comfort of life will increase significantly, and your skin and body will have a healthy appearance.


• What You Need to Know in Spa & Wellness Construction

Spa wellness centers are used for many physical and mental treatments accompanied by a professional team. Spa venues should be a place where the person can relax and rest in every aspect, so it is very important to work with expert staff in terms of spa wellness applications and design. Spa wellness applications can include areas with different concepts such as pool, hot water pool, sauna, salt room, massage room, hammam, and the plans are made according to the wishes and needs of the users. Today's spa wellness services include applications such as Hydrotherapy (Water Therapy), Thalasso Therapy (seawater therapy), Balneotherapy (spa water therapy), Sea - Thermal mud baths.


• Stages of Spa & Wellness Manufacturing

Projects, drawings, documents and application details are developed in collaboration with customers to ensure a smooth process while bringing the spa wellness project to the preparation point. In all processes, the wishes and needs of the customers and the application requirements should be kept at an optimum level.

Design: Clients engage with the design team to provide a world-class spa & wellness experience and improve existing design plans. The concept of the design is determined by considering the materials to be used, the application area and all the equipment, and the technical drawings and plans of the project are created. A schedule of construction and equipment costs is also provided at this stage to assist clients in determining the overall project budget.
Application: At this stage, the applications of the services preferred for spa wellness take place. The application process, which is also described as making the dreams of the customers come true with the selected services, materials and various decoration items, is carried out by the professional team of Sauna Dekor.
Maintenance: Always behind its designs, product quality and service, Sauna Dekor performs regular maintenance of your spa wellness areas with its professional team.

• Important Factors in Spa & Wellness Construction

It is recommended that you get consultancy services from experts in the field in order to make the right choices by consulting professional people for spa wellness applications and to provide convenience during the design and implementation process of your project.

Sauna Dekor Spa & Solutions has been involved in numerous projects at home and abroad with its experience of more than 30 years. With its experience in every project, qualified expert staff and superior service quality, it enables you to carry your dream spa wellness design to your interiors with its expert staff.


• Materials Used in Spa & Wellness Construction

Even in a short time in spa wellness centers, all the stress of the day is relieved and relaxation is provided. For this, in spa wellness centers; Spa materials such as steam room fixtures, pools, snow room, ice fountain, spa wellness showers and sauna lotion are of great importance.

However, spa wellness treatments can also be applied at home for people who do not have much time to go to spa centers. For this, a soft towel, soap types with different aromas and a body comb are required.

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