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• How to make Jacuzzi and Hydromassage Pool?

As Sauna Dekor Spa & Solutions; We represent the world's largest Jacuzzi & Jacuzzi brands with our aesthetic designs and experience in jacuzzi and hydromassage pool projects. Jacuzzi and Hydromassage pools provide relaxation to the body and also provide treatment.

The hydromassage system uses three methods to relax and treat the body: heat, buoyancy and massage. There are different massage techniques such as relaxation, treatment, relaxation and expert massage in the jacuzzi and hydro massage system. By choosing a massage technique, the person enjoys a wonderful bath with the relaxation of the water.


• Stages of Jacuzzi and Hydromassage Pool Manufacturing

Jacuzzi and hydromassage pools can be installed with filter technique or equipped only with massage equipment, and they can be filled and emptied with clean water each time.

In order to move the water, it is necessary to mix the water and air with the hydromassage and circulation pump. It should not leak water during the manufacture of the jacuzzi and hydromassage pool; This significantly affects the comfort of the user and the ease of maintenance of the Jacuzzi.

Jacuzzi and hydromassage pools can be applied to a suitable area of ​​a specific pool or can be produced completely independently. Basic stages of jacuzzi and hydromassage pool manufacturing; filtration, disinfection, water cleaning system, circulation, hydromassage pump application, chromatherapy led lighting elements, hydromassage unit and materials, Jacuzzi heating system. In addition to these, different extra features such as aromatherapy, sound system, heat exchanger, illuminated waterfall jet are available for different Jacuzzi and hydromassage pool models.


• Materials Used in Construction of Jacuzzi and Hydromassage Pool

These pools for hydromassage contain plenty of aromatherapy and provide users with a unique spa experience. A filtration or water cleaning system must be installed to keep the water clean. In this way, the water will always remain clean and hygienic. In addition, the establishment of a disinfection system, especially in crowded Jacuzzi uses, ensures that the pool offers a healthy and comfortable experience.

The hydromassage and circulation pump used in the construction of jacuzzis and hydromassage tubs will provide movement to the water and allow the water to massage the body. Special illuminated leds are placed in the jacuzzi during chromatherapy and led lighting installation. It is essential to use quality materials and to work with a team of experts during these applications.

As in other pools, water-resistant materials should be used in the filters of Jacuzzi and hydromassage pools. In addition, all Jacuzzi and hydromassage pool materials to be used must be of a quality that will not leak, crack or spill.

• Cost of Jacuzzi and Hydromassage Pool Construction

Cost of jacuzzi and hydromassage pool; The dimensions of the Jacuzzi vary depending on many factors such as the number of stretches and seats, the net weight, the quality of the materials used and the equipment features of the Jacuzzi.

As Sauna Dekor Spa & Solutions, we offer all kinds of services to our customers with our expert technical team. You can get a price offer and detailed information for your dream Jacuzzi and hydromassage pool. Ask any questions you have in mind.

• Jacuzzi and Hydromassage Pool Models and Prices

Jacuzzi and hydromassage pool models vary according to the equipment and features that users expect in Jacuzzi design. As a result, there are many Jacuzzis and hydromassage pools of different sizes for single and multiple uses.

You can get consultancy services for the most suitable Jacuzzi and hydromassage pool model by contacting Sauna Dekor Spa & Solutions team; You can also get detailed information about the prices of Jacuzzi and hydromassage pools.

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