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Snow Room

What is a Snow Room and How Is It Used?

Snow room projects are the rooms that are a whole system consisting of a specially designed two-stage room, which is entered after the steam or sauna sessions are completed, with the aim of regulating blood circulation, the technical equipment controlled by the electronic control panel and high pressure jets.

Thanks to the snow chambers, an artificial snow identical to natural snow is obtained, which does not contain any chemicals and additives. The temperature in snow chambers varies between 2◦C and -10◦C. Snow rooms are preferred as a soft and slow transition method compared to shock pools or shock buckets to cool the body after hot activities in spas. The average usage time of snow chambers is short, it varies between 3-5 minutes depending on the person. As Sauna Dekor, we are at your service with snow room models suitable for your business.


Snow Room Benefits

Particularly, snow room sessions, which are applied to increase body resistance, provide a great deal of success and make the resistance added to the immune system permanent. The blood circulation of the people participating in the snow room application is accelerated seriously. Thanks to this rapid blood circulation, the brightness, vigor and youthful appearance of the skin of these people are among the benefits of the snow room.

How to Make a Snow Room?

In order to cool the overheated and sweaty body during activities such as steam rooms or saunas, it is recommended to apply the natural abdomen first to the arm and leg areas to get used to the body, and then to the whole body. There is absolutely no chemical in this snow in the snow room, the snow in this area is completely natural.


What You Need to Know in Making a Snow Room

Snow room projects, one of the most popular applications of today, are becoming more and more common in our country with the increasing awareness of the benefits they provide. In this context, the number of companies providing snow chamber manufacturing services is also on the rise. However, it is very important for the health of the user that the products comply with international quality standards during the construction of the snow room. As Sauna Dekor, we carry out snow room construction projects with the trust of our expert teams and the latest quality products. We present to our valued customers the main points to be considered during the snow chamber production stages;
• The door of the snow room should be made with a transitional polyurethane material.
• The snow room should have a design feature that can be continuously improved.
• The cooling system of the snow chamber should work synchronously.
• Units belonging to the chiller group must work in harmony with each other.
• Before entering the snow room, there should be a front room that is important for the health of the user.
• Thanks to the presence of a front room, heat loss of the snow room should be prevented.
• There must be an electric heating system on the floor of the snow chamber.
• Visually, special attention should be given to lighting in the snow room.

Snow Room Models and Prices

During the construction of the snow room, one of the important factors in terms of snow room prices is the snow room materials, and the other is the snow room dimensions. The cost of the snow room varies according to the dimensions of the area where the room will be built and the quality of the materials to be used. However, in any case, the design and manufacture of a good snow chamber can take several months.
As Sauna Dekor, we also have a pre-designed snow room service. We are ready for the use of our customers with turnkey snow room projects designed with our products in international quality standards, including all materials related to the snow room. Please contact us if you want easy-to-use, long-lasting and high-quality snow room projects that will attract the attention of everyone in many places used as social living spaces, designed by paying attention to all hygiene and health rules.

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