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Shower Systems

What are Shower Systems and How Are They Used?

A shower system is basically a set of parts that includes valves, shower heads, hand showers, water outlets, and volume controls. Special shower systems with their own unique interior decorations are called adventure showers.

Adventure showers are showers that are used to cool (shock) and accelerate blood circulation after leaving the sauna and steam room, revealing the feeling of relief and relaxation in the body. Offering an authentic and different environment, these showers have the feature of appealing to the senses of sight, touch and smell. As Sauna Decor; We serve with our adventure showers with different features that will enable the user to relax both physically and psychologically while activating different senses.


How are Shower Systems Made?

Shower systems projects should be done by an expert team. As Sauna Dekor, we are at your side with our expert staff and technical team in your shower system projects. We produce the dream projects of our customers in many areas such as hotel, site, spa center, villa projects, in accordance with international quality standards.

As Sauna Dekor Spa & Solutions team; We have many options in shower systems such as Tropical Storm Shower, Ocean Shower, Mist Shower, Tropical Aroma Shower.


Stages of Shower Systems Manufacturing

There are several basic steps applied during the construction of shower systems. In the first place, the area where the shower systems will be manufactured is examined and measurements are taken. After the discovery work, the application is made based on the customer's wishes.

Shower system sizes can be planned for one person or more than one person. The diameter of the shower system is determined according to how many square meters of intense water spray is desired in the construction of shower systems projects. Adventure showers are specially planned according to which hot or cold therapy is used, what choreography the sprayed water will have and the desired visual effect of the shower system. Unlike traditional showers, adventure showers can have colorful lighting, water games, different scents, refreshing perfumes and different shower outlets depending on user requests. Adventure showers also have a controller, scent dose adjustment, and light and sound effects.


Cost of Construction of Shower Systems

The cost of shower systems varies according to the desired dimensions and features. In addition, the prices of shower systems vary according to the quality of the materials to be used, the design and application details.

As Sauna Dekor Spa & Solutions , we provide consultancy services for the construction of your dream shower systems. We are at the service of our valued customers with our technical team, where you can ask all the questions you want to ask and you can trust in every matter. In order to get clear information about the prices of shower systems, please ask our technical team for exploratory support.


Shower Systems Models and Prices

Shower systems models are divided into two as thermostatic shower systems and pressure and balance shower systems.

Pressure and Balance Shower Systems: With the pressure balance valve, you have an arm that has an on/off function and controls the temperature of the water. When the valve is open, it is fully open. You cannot reduce the volume of water that comes out, but you can always use an adjustable shower head to vary the pressure.

Thermostatic Systems: Typically you have two levers or controllers. A lever controls the temperature of the water. The second lever controls the volume of water and the on/off function (volume control valve).
There are also different options for adventure showers. Each program has its own effect, special scent, color and temperature. Adventure showers allow you to have an extraordinary shower experience with light effects, auditory stimuli from the magical sounds of tropical rainforests to bird sounds or an invigorating wind sound, and different scents. You can go on a journey towards the atmosphere you want by choosing the programs suitable for your daily mood.

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