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Shock Bucket

What is a Shock Bucket and How Is It Used?

It is a shock system applied after spa units or therapies such as shock bucket, steam room and sauna. The shock bucket accelerates the blood circulation and allows the body to regain its vitality. In addition, after the units such as sauna and steam room, which open the pores and moisturize the skin, it is among the benefits of the shock bucket that it tightens the pores and keeps the skin moist. As Sauna Dekor Spa & Solutions team, we are at your service with our shock bucket designed to meet the need for shock shower after hot applications such as sauna.


How to Make a Shock Bucket?

After the shock bucket, which is already at your service, is fixed to the area to be used with a special mounting process, you get a shock bucket that you can use whenever you want. Shock bucket is a product that you experience by pulling the rope of the bucket when you feel ready. When you pull the rope, the bucket moves quickly and the water inside is poured out. You can catch the effect of a shock shower with cold water pouring over you as if you were under a waterfall.


Materials Used in Shock Bucket Construction

The main product for the manufacture of shock buckets is kambala wood. The shock bucket, which is covered with a transparent and healthy lacquer, is produced entirely by hand. It is completed with stainless steel suspension arms, floater and drawstring. Shock bucket materials include kambala wood, lacquer and stainless steel.


Shock Bucket Models and Prices

Although the dimensions of the shock bucket vary, the volume of the bucket is approximately 29 liters. The filling amount can be adjusted optionally between 5 and 15 liters. Shock bucket prices vary according to the quality of the materials used.


Shock Bucket Benefits

With the shock bucket application, the skin pores are closed naturally without the need for any chemical substance. The immune system is strengthened by cold water and the risk of encountering diseases is reduced. Another of the shock bucket benefits is that it revitalizes the hair.

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