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Salt Rooms

What is a Salt Room and How is it Used?

Salt therapy, which was founded in Europe in the 19th century, was developed in line with the observations of salt industrialists in Poland. When it was understood that the miners working in the salt deposits in Poland did not suffer from diseases such as pneumonia and asthma, research was started on this subject and it was learned how a healthy environment salt creates. A salt room is a therapy system developed to bring the healing effects of salt caves to health centers, alternative treatment clinics and even homes. Considering that salt caves are not accessible to everyone, salt rooms that provide similar microclimatic effects in spa centers, health clubs and alternative treatment clinics facilitate access to the healing effects of salt caves. We serve you with our team specialized in salt room construction.


Salt Room Benefits

The main function of the salt room is to mix the salt into the air as respirable microparticles. Inhaling these microparticle salts unblocks the airways. Salt, an antimicrobial substance, cleans the respiratory tract through microparticles. Thus, when you inhale the same amount of air into your lungs, it allows you to breathe more easily and get more oxygen. It provides serious relief in patients with asthma, shortness of breath, COPD, sinusitis. It is also a very useful method for sleep disorders, sleep disorders and waking up tired in the morning due to not being able to breathe easily in relation to the respiratory system. Another feature among the benefits of the salt room is; Salt is an edema reducing agent.


How to make a salt room?

Any area is suitable for the construction of a salt room, there is no special condition that the area to be built must meet. All you have to do is choose the place where you want the salt room to be built. It is possible to have a salt room in your home, office, polyclinic, spa center or anywhere you want. The only thing you need to do for the construction of the salt room is to take the measurements of the area you want to have it made or to reach our team for exploration. The salt room dimensions will be determined according to the room dimensions and the salt room will be manufactured.

The essential elements of the salt room are Himalayan salt rocks and granulated pink Himalayan salt crystals. A salt cave contains two main components. These; water cascade (which produces Himalayan brine) and Halogenator (a medical grade machine that grinds salt crystals into microscopic particles and then disperses them into the air). Other components you can add to salt room supplies include a skylight, salt chimney, salt bench, salt reception desk, and kids' salt box.


What You Need to Know in Salt Room Construction

Every age group, from babies to the elderly, can easily use salt therapy. Salt therapy is not a medicine. It does not show any chemical reaction and does not interact with the drugs you use, if any. However, there are some groups where salt therapy is not recommended. These;

• High blood pressure patients
• Those with heart failure
• Those with kidney and gallstones
• Those undergoing cancer treatment
• Tuberculosis (TB) patients


Salt Room Models and Prices

Salt room models are divided into two as salt cave and salt room. Both serve the same function. The main difference is that rocks are used for a salt cave and more rustic elements are added for a salt room, such as applying bricks and/or tiles.

Building a salt room or salt cave will allow you, your family and friends to experience the wonderful benefits of Halotherapy. If you already run a spa business, salt room construction is a great way to diversify your business content and offer more to your customers.

Sauna Decor is at your service to start enjoying the advantages and unique features of the salt room. For more detailed information about salt room prices and models, you can contact Sauna Dekor Spa & Solutions team and get consultancy service on salt room construction.

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