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Relaxation Room

What is a Rest Room and How is it Used?

Rest rooms are designs that are generally designed in a calming and relaxing style to help your muscles rest after an intense therapy or strenuous sport. The relaxation rooms, which are used after therapies such as sauna, steam room and massage, provide users with a unique opportunity to relax and relax their muscles. With comfortable beds specially selected for use before or after therapy, users are relieved of all the stress and fatigue of the day...


How to Make a Rest Room?

The rest room construction is designed as a whole with equipment that will provide physical and spiritual relaxation before or after the therapy. It is designed in accordance with the project concept for the construction of the rest room determined in the plan. Relaxation room models are determined according to the therapies such as sauna, hammam and steam room included in the Spa & Wellness project concept.

In order to rest and relax in the room, the amount of temperature and the heat balance are adjusted accordingly. After the proper heat balance has been set, comfortable materials are selected for the rest beds. Rest room materials, dimensions and number of rest beds are determined according to the therapy characteristics and maximum capacity of the business. Completely comfortable and ergonomic beds are combined with a calming design approach, thus completing the rest room construction.


Important Factors in Rest Room Construction

In rest room construction projects, the comfort of the users should be prioritized first. Thermal comfort that will make users feel good, comfortable and soft materials, a calming calm design; is one of the most important factors of rest room manufacturing projects.

With a dim light, a design that does not tire the eyes and does not disturb can be preferred. The calming music and aromatic scents in the space help the users to relieve their tiredness after the therapy. The rest room models, designed by considering all these factors, allow the users to spend comfortable and quality time in the space.

As Sauna Dekor Spa & Solutions; We design and implement many details in our projects, such as the equipment and layouts required for planning and projecting in rest room manufacturing projects. We offer all kinds of services to our customers with our expert staff, who can ask any questions you may have about the cost of the rest room and the construction details for all businesses and special designs.


Materials Used in the Construction of the Rest Room

The rest room construction is designed as a whole with special equipment that will provide both physical and spiritual relaxation before and after the therapy and is designed in accordance with the project concept. When choosing rest room materials; Attention should be paid to ergonomic and comfortable design beds and selection of antibacterial materials on the surface. In the room, a relaxing lighting that will not tire the eyes should be used. For a more relaxing experience; A calm music and fragrant aromatherapy products can also be used in the room.

Rest Room Models and Prices

There are a wide variety of rest room models that vary according to the features and capacity of the enterprise. In addition, designs can be made in special dimensions for the concept of the enterprise. As Sauna Decor; We design and implement relaxation rooms suitable for every concept for Spa & Wellness centers, social facilities and special designs.

The prices of the rest room construction may vary according to the applications such as massage, sauna, hammam, which are included in the project concept of the enterprise, the person capacity of the room, the materials to be used and the aromatic scents. For more detailed information, you can contact the Sauna Dekor Spa & Solutions team and get answers to your questions about the prices and construction of the relaxation room.

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