DIMENSIONS 2320 x 1120 x 740mm
Audio-Guide Mindfulness 5 Mindfulness Programs
Audio-Guide Breath 5 Breath Programs
Weight 600kg
Water Exchange Annually (Frequency may increase or decrease depending on the characteristics of the water)
Certificates CE,UL,ETL


Zerobody® is an innovative patented system that allows swimming in zero gravity on 400 liters of warm water. Your body and mind experience an unforgettable rejuvenation embraced by colorful lights and a gentle back massage. Suitable for everyone. Convenient and easy to use, no need for changing rooms or showers, hygiene is completely guaranteed. Only 10 minutes are enough to achieve tangible results.


Unique Membrane

This Membrane is designed to provide a zero-gravity experience by eliminating the flooding of the session area.

Touch Control Panel

Your smartphone-sized touchscreen on Zerobody® lets you control programs

Temperature Control

The temperature of the water in the membrane is adjustable and is fixed at 36.5 degrees, your body temperature, for your float experience.


During the opening, the platform under the membrane lowers and fills the water. For the experience you will have during the session, water fills into the membrane and your session starts according to the program you have chosen. At the end of the session, this platform rises again, ending the session and allowing us to stand up comfortably from Zerobody®.


Zerobody® also offers you a pleasant massage feeling.


Offering 4 different program options, Zerobody® has 4 programs such as Mindfulness, Breathing, Music Options and Timing.

Music Experience

Zerobody® Music program, which offers 4 different program options, allows you to have sessions with 5 different options. You can choose these music programs as fire, water, earth, air and moonlight.

Noise-Cancelling Headphone Option

With optional noise-cancelling technology that eliminates external noise during the session, your entire session turns into a unique meditation and mental relaxation experience.


100 disposable session covers, 10lt algae prevention solution, 1 replaceable membrane.

Note: XL Version option is available, 25cm longer, 90kg heavier. At the same time, an extra 60lt water capacity increase occurs.

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