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Prefabricated Pool

• How is a Prefabricated Pool Made?

As Sauna Dekor Spa & Solutions, we offer holistic services to your prefabricated pool construction projects with our experience and quality design understanding over the years. Prefabricated pool, manufactured and ready for installation; It is an above ground swimming pool sent to the installation site. Prefabricated pools are generally much quicker and easier to install than pools that need to be built on-site, such as shotcrete and vinyl liner pools. The most preferred prefabricated pool models; permanent prefabricated pools are fiberglass pools and precast concrete pools.

• Stages of Prefabricated Pool Manufacturing

Prefabricated pool construction consists of several basic stages. The prefabricated pool, which has been designed and produced before, is brought to the area where it will be located and installed. Prefabricated swimming pools are different from shotcrete pools and vinyl liner pools as the project construction is pre-built during the construction process. Because prefabricated pool projects do not need to be built on-site like these pools, they are much faster to install. A precast concrete swimming pool is a concrete pool constructed using formwork or poured in our factory. After the concrete is poured and completely cured, it is ready for installation.

This method is a very old prefabricated pool construction method. This method of prefabricated pool construction, which has been in practice since the 1940s, is very useful for homeowners and users. Precast concrete pools are also sometimes called plunge pools. This is because these pools are often much smaller in size than conventional shotcrete or gunite pools.

Because these concrete pools must be shipped and set in place, they cannot be longer than 12 meters or wider than 5 meters, just like a fiberglass pool. The depth of these pools usually varies between 1.2 and 1.8 meters, which makes us consider them as true plunge pools.

Precast concrete pools are sometimes built using precast concrete wall panels that are installed on-site, rather than the shell that comes as a monolithic pool structure. This method may also require additional concrete pouring to complete the pool; this means that the pool is not precast or prefabricated.

Fiberglass pools, on the other hand, are prefabricated and one-piece swimming pools made using different fiberglass and resins. These materials have a smooth and long-lasting surface; produces a more durable and flexible pool wall.


• Materials Used in Prefabricated Pool Construction

With the effect of technological developments, prefabricated pool construction is frequently preferred especially in private residences and its use is becoming widespread day by day. The quality of the material used in prefabricated swimming pool projects, which are very practical to install, is of great importance on the lifetime of the pool. All the materials used during the construction of the prefabricated pool; They must be of a quality that will not cause wear, leakage and spillage.

Prefabricated fiberglass is compatible with chlorine systems and eliminates the water's need for some pool chemicals. In prefabricated pool construction projects, as in other pool models, filters are used to make the water more hygienic. During the installation of the pool filter system and water installation, the applications must be done with great care. In prefabricated pool projects, it is necessary to use materials resistant to water and chlorine in order to prevent deterioration due to long-term contact with chlorine.


• Cost of Prefabricated Pool Construction

The prefabricated swimming pool, which has been very popular in recent years, is often preferred because it is easier to apply than classical swimming pools. Prefabricated pool construction prices are also more affordable than standard outdoor swimming pool construction prices.

As Sauna Dekor, we offer all kinds of services to our customers with our expert technical team, where you can ask any questions you may have for your dream prefabricated swimming pool project.

• Prefabricated Pool Models and Prices

Prefabricated pool construction prices vary according to the quality of the material used, the dimensions of the pool and the construction techniques. For the most accurate information, you can contact Sauna Dekor Spa & Solutions team and get detailed information about prefabricated pool models and price information.

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