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Portable Sauna

What is a Portable Sauna and How Is It Used?

Literally "Sauna" means wooden room in Finnish. Portable sauna models; They are home type, private cabins and ready-made saunas. Portable sauna dimensions are determined in advance in portable sauna construction projects. The portable sauna, produced in the specified dimensions, can be easily moved and placed in the desired area of ​​the house.

Portable sauna, like other saunas, is a type of bathroom made of wood, based on the principle of high temperature-low humidity, where the temperature inside varies between 80° and 95°C. A portable sauna is used for relaxation rather than cleaning in a room. As the Sauna Decor team; We offer holistic solutions to all the needs of our users with portable sauna manufacturing projects that we have produced and implemented for years.


Stages of Portable Sauna Manufacturing

In order to add the relaxing effect of the sauna to your living spaces, the most important and first step during the manufacture of the portable sauna is to correctly determine the area where the portable sauna will be installed. If it will be located in a house or project, a place where plumbing, heating and electricity can be easily reached should be chosen. For a sauna to be designed outdoors, the location of the portable sauna should be determined so that the area is on level ground, away from overhanging trees and running water. It is recommended to work with professional and expert teams for the construction of portable saunas.

You can choose the most suitable one for yourself among the portable sauna models you will choose for a small area of ​​your home. There are also specially designed portable sauna models. The fact that portable saunas are ready for installation in the application area speeds up the assembly process considerably. Before the application, the dimensions of the portable sauna are taken, and then the saunas placed in any suitable place indoors can be easily changed later thanks to their portable feature. Portable sauna models, which are designed for one person according to the usage needs, can also be produced for up to four people.


Important Factors in Portable Sauna Construction

During the manufacture of portable saunas, the design details, technical features, assembly and application are important factors to be considered. A small mistake made may affect the comfort of the user in the portable sauna after the application, as well as increase the cost and expenses of the portable sauna during or after use.

For this reason, it is recommended that you consult with experts in the field for the construction of portable saunas, make the right choices, and get consultancy services from experts in the field to facilitate the design and implementation of your project. .
Sauna Decor Spa & Solutions; With years of experience and superior service quality, it offers holistic solutions to your portable sauna construction projects.


Materials Used in the Construction of Portable Sauna

Various portable sauna models can be designed by choosing different tree species according to the desired effect. Panels are used on the side walls and ceilings of portable saunas.

Cedar, pine, fir, spruce and ayyus trees are generally preferred in the construction of portable saunas in Turkey according to customer requests and project budgets. Portable sauna dimensions may vary according to the user's request. Accordingly, the materials are determined and the application phase is started.


Cost of Building a Portable Sauna

Factors such as the area determined for the project, the dimensions of the portable sauna to be designed, and the type of wood to be used are effective on the portable sauna construction prices.

As Sauna Dekor Spa & Solutions; We offer all kinds of services to our customers with our competent staff who can ask any question you may have for the manufacture of your dream portable sauna.


Portable Sauna Models and Prices

Single, double, triple or quadruple portable sauna models are available. In addition, all factors from the type of tree to be used in the construction to the number of people can be determined according to the wishes and needs of the customers. To get accurate information about portable sauna prices and construction, you can contact Sauna Dekor Spa & Solutions team and ask all your questions to our technical team.

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