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How is a pool made?

You can find the answers to many questions asked in pool construction, such as pool construction and pool construction cost, in this article.


The quality of the materials used in the construction of the pool, the workmanship in detailed applications such as ceramics and joints are the most important factors affecting the life and durability of the pool. A small mistake made during the manufacture of the pool causes problems such as cracking, spilling and leaking in the pools. While these minor problems are corrected, the cost can rise to high values.


It is very important to work with an expert team in pool construction projects.   As Sauna Dekor  ; We produce our customers' dream projects at international quality standards by meticulously implementing all pool construction projects.


We carry out pool construction projects with our expert staff and technical team in many different concepts such as hotel, site, spa center and villa projects. Pool manufacturing can be designed as indoor pools, outdoor pools, and outdoor pools. Likewise, there are different pool sizes that can change according to the need.

The pool types we serve as Sauna Dekor Spa & Solutions team can be listed as follows;

  • swimming pool
  • Olympic Swimming Pool
  • Prefabricated Pool
  • Indoor swimming pool
  • infinity pool
  • Ornamental and Landscape Pool
  • Garden Pool

These pools can be designed as a natural extension of the concept, depending on the quality and design features of your space, and can be enriched with alternative forms and material options.

Stages of Pool Manufacturing

There are several basic steps implemented during pool construction. First of all, the area where the pool will be produced is examined and its measurements are taken. Excavation is done according to the dimensions of the floor area to be applied, concrete is applied to the excavation area of ​​the pool construction, and then steel construction works, electrical installation, pool heating system and filtration applications are completed.


The mold poured on the pool floor and side walls is removed after it dries, and the area where the pool is built is kept in balance. After the screed, plaster and insulation works applied in the pool, ceramic is laid. At this stage, the fine workmanship of the joint application between the ceramics is very important.


Especially good implementation of these stages in pool manufacturing constructions prevents future problems such as leakage and cracking. At the last stage, the pool is filled with water with the application of lighting elements.

Materials Used in Pool Construction

The most important point to be considered in pool manufacturing projects is that the materials used are long-lasting, will not leak, will not crack, will not spill. The capacity and quality of the filtration system used to clean the pool water also directly affects the comfort and health of the users.


Pool pumps used in pool construction are part of the filtration system. With the pool pump that provides in-pool circulation, the pool water always remains clear and clean. Pumps should be kept in an open area to maintain cooling performance. Pool pumps are selected in various sizes and qualities for pool projects of different concepts. In short, the materials used in the pool insulation, coating and mechanical installation of the pool in pool manufacturing applications greatly affect the life and comfort of use of the pool.

Pool Construction Cost

Pool construction cost; pool sizes vary depending on many different factors such as the quality of the selected materials, pool types, design and application details. As Sauna Dekor Spa & Solutions, we offer all kinds of support to our customers with our technical team, where you can get consultancy service for the construction of your dream pool and ask all the questions you want to ask.

Pool Models and Prices

There are many types of pools, including outdoor swimming pools, indoor swimming pools, olympic pools, prefabricated pools, infinity pools, ornamental and landscape pools. Materials and systems may vary for different pool types. Pools suitable for many different functions such as hotels, holiday villages, spa centers and private residences are produced.

  • Outdoor Swimming Pool  : It is the most preferred type of pool in pool manufacturing projects. 140 cm depth is preferred as standard in outdoor swimming pools. It is quite common for these pools to be made in special sizes other than standard sizes. Outdoor swimming pools can be used with salt water, mains water or thermal water depending on the usage area and size.
  • Indoor Swimming Pool : Indoor swimming pools preferred especially in winter months; It is used in many different areas such as hotels, resorts, private residences, spa centers and villas.
  • Olympic Pool : Olympic pool dimensions are designed with a standard width of 25 meters, a length of 50 meters and a minimum depth of 2 meters.
  • Prefabricated Pool : Prefabricated pools, which offer different options to the user according to their needs and usage purposes, can be in different depths and shapes. The most preferred shapes are square, rectangle, oval and circle. It is widely used in private residences, accommodation facilities and commercial enterprises.
  • Infinity Pool : These are pools that usually have a seaside or view. The reason why these pools, which have become very popular recently, are called infinity pools; After a certain level, the edge of the pool eventually disappears and the pool water appears to merge with the sea or ocean. The purpose of these pool types; It is to give the feeling of endless water by creating the illusion of the horizon with the horizon line appearing in the infinity pool.
  • Ornamental and Landscape Pool : The purpose of these pools; Apart from other pool types, it is to appeal to more visual pleasure. It is common to use ornamental elements such as fountains, sculptures and natural stones in such pools.
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