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Ornamental and Landscape Pool

Ornamental and Landscape Pool Models and Prices

Visual aesthetics and engineering knowledge are used together in decorative ornamental and landscape pool projects. Ornamental pool models vary according to the customer's dream project. Ornamental elements such as fountains, sculptures and natural stones used in the construction of decorative pools are also effective on ornamental pool prices.


It is very important to work with an experienced and professional team in decorative ornamental pool projects. As Sauna Dekor Spa & Solutions, we design and manufacture the projects of our customers' dreams in accordance with international quality standards by meticulously applying all the details of pool construction.

How to Make an Ornamental and Landscape Pool?

Sauna Dekor Spa & Solutions, which has been among the leading companies of the sector for years with its experience of more than 30 years and the quality materials used in the construction of decorative ornamental pools, has accomplished perfect projects in many different countries. Sauna Dekor, which is a solution partner for many projects in more than 20 different countries in the country and abroad, continues to serve its customers in all stages of decorative ornamental pool construction in individual or corporate projects; It helps you to beautify your living spaces with its professional team and quality service understanding.

Stages of Ornamental and Landscape Pool Manufacturing

The stages of decorative ornamental pool manufacturing are as follows: First, the area where the lining, which is made of polyethylene material and made of waterproof materials such as synthetic rubber, will be located is determined and excavated. The length of the liner should be chosen to be approximately twice the length and depth of the ornamental pond.


The flooring of the ornamental pool placed in the excavated area is checked and the filling process is performed. The wattage of the water pump to be preferred at this stage should be suitable for the volume of the pool. A pump with a high wattage for a small pond will have an impact on pond prices. Care should be taken to ensure that the power of the pump is at the optimum level for the size of the pool. If it is planned to live in the decorative ornamental pool, it is necessary to use a biological filter in order to keep the water clean. In this way, the usage life of the ornamental pool, which is more hygienic and free from dirt, will also increase. If living things will not be used in the ornamental pond, a mechanical filter can also be used in accordance with the project budget.


In decorative ornamental pond projects, a material that constantly moves the water, such as a fountain, fountain or waterfall, can be used both as a decorative element and to prevent the formation of algae in the ornamental pond. At this stage, a decision can be made by considering the concept, size and budget of the customer's dream project. A waterfall can also be used if a larger decorative pond is imagined. In small ornamental pool projects, smaller fountains can be used to give the project an aesthetic appearance. After all the controls, the visuality of the project can be increased by adding decorative elements and plants into the decorative ornamental pool. Again, these accessories can be designed as a natural extension of the ornamental pool landscape project; It can be enriched with alternative form and material options.

Materials Used in the Construction of Ornamental and Landscape Pools

Water element, which has a great importance in landscape architecture, is also the most important design element among ornamental pool construction materials. With the feeling of rest that water gives to people and the aesthetic appearance it adds to the space, it not only adds visual pleasure to places such as ornamental pools, parks, gardens, squares and cafes, but also cools the people who come to the place. With the relaxation of the sound of water, users will relieve the stress and tiredness of the day.


Biological pool maintenance is done by cleaning and pruning the plants twice a year and controlling the living things in it. The biological ornamental pond, in which living things will also live, can be enriched with different plants, natural stones or fish. Especially colorful plants to be added around the pool are among the most preferred and low-cost material options among ornamental pool landscape elements. You can spice up your small pond design using a variety of aquarium fish, such as koi and goldfish. Likewise, water lily, lotus and wicker grass are among the most preferred ornamental pond plants. In a larger ornamental pool project; Materials such as fountains, fountains or waterfalls can also be preferred.

Cost of Construction of an Ornamental and Landscape Pool

Decorative ornamental pool requires technical and visual expertise; These are projects that need to be carried out together with a professional team. Ornamental pool prices vary according to the type, size and variety of materials used. As Sauna Dekor, we carry out large or small ornamental pool projects with our technical team in accordance with many different project concepts. We offer different kinds of decorative ornamental and landscape pool designs for hotels, cafes, restaurants, parks and private residential gardens.


For more detailed information about decorative pool construction, you can contact Sauna Dekor Spa & Solutions; You can get support and consultancy by asking all the questions you want to ask for your dream big or small ornamental pool project.

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