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Olympic Pool

What is an Olympic Pool? Length of an Olympic Pool

Olympic pool means a swimming pool whose dimensions comply with the International Swimming Federation (FINA) standards. Olympic pool projects, the number of which has been increasing in recent years, can be used for swimming competitions or training purposes. As Sauna Dekor , we carry out Olympic pool construction projects for many different concepts with our professional team.
Olympic pool sizes are divided into two as Olympic and semi-Olympic. These two types of Olympic pool models; It is divided into two categories according to width, length, depth and number of lanes. Olympic and semi-olympic sized swimming pool dimensions are as follows. So, what is the size of Olympic swimming pools? What is the depth of the Olympic Swimming pool? Let's take a quick look.
Olympic swimming pool dimensions:
Width: 25 meters
Length: 50 meters
Depth: 2.5 meters
Number of Lane: 10
Water Temperature: 25 °C – 27 °C
Semi-Olympic swimming pool dimensions:
Width: 12.5 meters
Length: 25 meters
Depth: 2 meters
Number of lanes: 5
Water Temperature: 25 °C – 27 °C

Stages of Olympic Pool Manufacturing

There are several basic steps applied during the manufacture of an Olympic pool. First, the area where the Olympic pool will be manufactured is determined. Then the excavation and correction of the ground are applied.
In the second step, concrete is poured into the Olympic pool construction project area and insulation applications are made on the inner walls of the pool. In the third step, the necessary applications for electricity and water systems are completed. At this stage, steel construction works are also carried out.
With the fourth step, screed, plaster and then ceramic flooring are made into the Olympic pool. At this stage, those who want to keep the Olympic pool costs and maintenance fees lower can choose the Olympic pool accessories in accordance with the budget. In the last step, the Olympic pool is filled with water together with the lighting elements and the necessary maintenance and quality controls are made.

Important Factors in Olympic Pool Construction

The quality of the materials selected during the construction of the Olympic pool, application details such as ceramics and joints are the most important factors affecting the comfort of the users and the lifetime of the pool.
A small mistake made during the planning and implementation process of Olympic pool projects can cause problems such as cracking, spillage and leakage in the pools. Correcting these minor errors can sometimes result in higher than the amount set for Olympic pool construction prices. For this reason, it is very important to work with an experienced and professional team in Olympic pool projects.

Materials Used in Olympic Pool Construction

Olympic pool projects can be designed individually as the users imagine and the conditions of the application area allow. In addition to other swimming pool types, signal flags, separating accessories and jumping platforms can be applied for races and training.
As Sauna Dekor Spa & Solutions; We offer all kinds of services to our customers, together with our competent staff, where you can ask any questions you may have for the manufacture of your dream olympic pool.

Olympic Pool Models and Prices

Olympic pool manufacturing prices; It varies according to the quality of the materials used in the pool project, the size of the pool (Olympic or semi-Olympic) and application techniques. You can contact Sauna Dekor Spa & Solutions team for the most accurate information, and you can get detailed information about Olympic pool construction prices and models.

Olympic Pool Maintenance and Service

As Sauna Decor; We regularly maintain and service your olympic pool projects with our expert team.
For more detailed information, you can contact the Sauna Dekor Spa & Solutions team and benefit from our olympic pool maintenance and service services, and you can get consultancy services on the subject you want.
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