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Massage Room

What is a Massage Room and How is it Used?

Massage is an application that reduces body stress and relaxes our muscles. The massage room, which is the place where the massage is performed, is very important in massage applications that focus on relaxation, therapy and treatment. Special areas, from the massage bed to the lighting system, that offer an environment where the person being massaged can feel comfortable in terms of both physical and psychological comfort, are called massage rooms.

As Sauna Decoration ; We care about massage room construction projects and we design hygienic, aesthetic and comfortable massage room projects that will meet all your needs before, during and after the massage application.


How to Make a Massage Room?

An attractive and comfortable space for your clients is essential for an optimal massage experience. Although the dimensions of the massage room vary, it is important that your massage room is large enough to comfortably accommodate a standard massage table (approximately 70 cm x 200 cm) in order to manufacture a useful massage room. There must be at least 90 cm around the table to move around and work in it. In addition, during the construction of the massage room you will need some storage space, space for a sink and counter, extra floor space for a sitting area and enough space. In total, you may need 13 square meters or more for your new massage room.


Important Factors in Making a Massage Room

Massage room projects are in the design stages; It is also necessary to pay attention to issues such as room temperature, ventilation, lighting, acoustic comfort. The ambient temperature of the massage room should be fixed at around 22 degrees, and it should have sufficient conditions in terms of light, sound and cleanliness. However, there are certain equipments that should be in the massage room in terms of user comfort. Among the massage room materials; massage table, oil table, screen, clothes hanger, towel and bed linen cabinet etc. materials are available.


What You Need to Know in Making a Massage Room

Neutral, earthy tones may be best for your massage area, as bright and dark colors can affect relaxation and be too stimulating.
Comfortable sheets and soft area rugs for your massage table can increase your client's comfort levels.
Complementing the decoration with natural landscapes or natural materials creates a wonderful atmosphere in massage rooms because they can help clients relax rather than being points of interest in themselves.
Scented candles with natural essential oils can elevate the mood of the room. Other options include fresh flowers and scented sticks.
Your massage room should be in a place that is not noisy. If you're in a crowded area, look for ways to soundproof your room, like double-glazed windows and applying gaskets to your doors. Relaxing sounds such as the sound of running water will also increase the energy of your massage room.

Massage Room Benefits

In our country, the importance of massage is gradually being understood, and the tendency to massage for both coping with daily stress and medical support is increasing. Some of the prominent benefits of massage are;

Ensuring the regular functioning of tissues and organs in the body
strengthen the muscles
To ensure the excretion of toxins and fatigue substances accumulated in the body.
accelerate blood circulation
increase the movement of the joints
Massage room projects are also very important in revealing and supporting these positive effects of massage. Anything that will distract the person, make it difficult to focus or affect their comfort will directly affect the quality of the massage. Since the massage room is a place that we want to stand out with its benefits, its designs should be approached very carefully.


Cost of Building a Massage Room

Massage room cost can vary greatly depending on a number of factors. For example, your furniture and equipment needs will vary greatly depending on the type of spa or wellness center you create. Many variables, from the quality of the materials used to the size of the massage room, will have an impact on the prices of the massage rooms. After the area where the massage room will be built is discovered or the dimensions are clarified and the features requested by the customer are determined, you can get clear information about the prices of the massage room construction. We are at your service as Sauna Dekor in all these processes.

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