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Infrared Sauna

Infrared Sauna Models and Prices

"Temperature: between 32° C to 35° C
Humidity: 55%"

Infrared sauna prices vary according to the model to be preferred, the size of the sauna chosen, the amount of heating panels, the nature and quality of the material used. You can have large or small sauna projects done with a design just like you imagine. For this, you can ask for support from our professional staff and you can get consultancy support by asking questions about infrared sauna.

What is Infrared Sauna and How Is It Used?

Sauna Dekor Spa Solutions offers solutions that fit your dreams with its years of experience and service quality. While Sauna Dekor creates relaxing and relaxing saunas for your living spaces, it also provides a holistic service to the construction of infrared saunas.


Infrared sauna is a sauna in which modern infrared technology is used as a heater source and offers the closest heat quality to the sun's rays. The infrared rays used in these saunas penetrate deep into the body by providing a comfortable temperature without overheating the skin and respiratory system like traditional saunas. In this way, it allows you to spend more comfortable and enjoyable time in the sauna. Unlike traditional saunas, infrared sauna heats the body directly, not the air in the environment. In infrared saunas, the body is warmed by the rays sent by incandescent lamps to the body. Infrared technology does not cause any discomfort/burning on the skin and is completely healthy.

How Is Infrared Sauna Made?

People have been using saunas for centuries for all kinds of health conditions. The use of infrared saunas also has many healing effects like traditional saunas. Thanks to the far-infrared heaters, the body skin is heated up to a deeper level and the fat burning in the heated body accelerates. In this way, users can lose weight more easily. Infrared sauna also opens the doors of a healthy life to its users, thanks to its benefits such as relaxation, reduction in back and joint pain, accelerating blood circulation and strengthening the immune system.


The first point you should pay attention to when starting the infrared sauna production is the selection of the area to be installed. In the infrared sauna, which is easily installed to adapt to any space; floor, ceiling and wall elements come in pieces and are combined. After the installation of the infrared sauna, whose final controls are made after the assembly, it is plugged into a suitable plug like normal white goods and is ready for use. With its high-tech products and quality craftsmanship, Sauna Dekor reflects its years of experience in this field to your living spaces.

Stages of Infrared Sauna Manufacturing

The first step in the construction of an infrared sauna, which you will create in order to add relaxing, relaxing and healing effects to your living spaces with infrared sauna, is to correctly determine the area where the sauna will be made. If it will be located inside the house or the project, a place where electricity can be easily accessed should be chosen. Manufacturing basically consists of four wall panels, ceiling and floor. These panels are ready-to-install panels with special heaters.


Thanks to infrared sauna technology, far-infrared heaters are used instead of standard sauna heaters. Far-infrared sauna heaters heat the person inside the sauna directly, not the air inside the sauna. The classical sauna heater can affect up to about 5 mm below the body. Far-infrared heaters, which are one of the wavelengths of the sun, manage to go down to about 4 cm below the skin. Thus, as a result of warming, sweating of the body also affects a larger area; Allows more toxins to be removed.


Technical and physical issues such as the dimensions of the sauna and the quantities of special heated panels are the subjects that require technical skills and expertise in the construction of infrared saunas. For this, it is very important to work with a professional team in manufacturing. What style the sauna to be built should be, which tree type should be preferred, experts should be consulted for the technical details of the lighting for the use of colors, the cost of the materials to be selected, etc. all must be determined at this stage according to the imagined design. After the sauna design, the application process is carried out professionally by the Sauna Dekor Spa & Solutions installation team in your home or in the appropriate area of ​​your project.

Materials Used in Infrared Sauna Construction

In infrared sauna design, as in traditional saunas, wooden timbers and paneling are used indoors. Cedar, Pine, Fir, Spruce and Ayous trees are generally preferred in Turkey according to customers' requests, budgets and design requirements.

Ready-to-assemble, special heated panels are used in the construction of infrared saunas. Generally, they are products designed for home use for individual users. It is heated by far-infrared radiation heaters, one of the wavelengths of the sun. They consume less energy than standard sauna heaters.

Cost of Building an Infrared Sauna

For the manufacture of infrared saunas, as the size of the sauna grows, the number of heating panels inside also increases. Therefore, the prices increase as the size of the sauna increases. You can contact the Sauna Dekor Spa & Solutions team to learn the most accurate information and get information about infrared sauna prices, and you can get answers to all your questions about this subject.

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