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Infinity Pool

What is an Infinity Pool?

Infinity pool projects are usually pools with a seaside or view. The reason why these pools, which are frequently seen and popularized in recent years, are called infinity pools; It is the disappearance of the edge of the pool at the end of the pool after a certain limit and the feeling that the pool water and the sea or ocean merge. With the construction of the infinity pool, it is aimed to give the feeling of endless water by making an illusion with the horizon line appearing in the infinity pool.
The term infinity pool specifically refers to "infinity edge pool", "disappearing edge pool" or "negative edge pool". Infinity pools are pools with no swimming current. In place of the swimming current there is one or more weirs that are 3 cm shorter than the water level. The water therefore flows into an overflow channel located below. When positioned above ground level, they create the stunning optical illusion of water stretching to infinity on the horizon.

Stages of Infinity Pool Manufacturing

There are several basic steps applied during the construction of an infinity pool. First of all, examinations are made in the area where the infinity pool will be manufactured. The infinity pool dimensions and excavation area should be determined while the project is in the drawing phase. With the measurements of the area, the area to be applied is excavated according to the measurements. Then, concrete is applied to the infinity pool production excavation area; Along with the steel construction works, electrical installation, pool heating system and filtration applications are completed.
After the concrete is poured into the infinity pool manufacturing area, the mold is waited for to dry. The mold poured on the floor and side walls of the infinity pool is removed after it dries, and the balance of the area where the infinity pool is manufactured is ensured thanks to the poured mold. After the screed, plaster and insulation works applied in the pool, ceramic is laid. As the final stage, infinity pool lighting elements are applied and the pool is filled with water.

Important Factors in Making an Infinity Pool

Infinity pool projects are applications that require high technical knowledge and experience. In these projects, it is of great importance to manufacture according to the drawing. At the same time, the fine workmanship of the joint application made between the ceramic details is also very important in ceramic applications. In the production of infinity pools, especially the good implementation of these stages prevents future problems such as leakage and cracking.

Materials Used in Making an Infinity Pool

Infinity pool projects can be designed individually as the user imagines and the conditions of the application area allow. For this reason, infinity pool models vary with the different materials selected. The materials used in the project are highly effective on the cost of the infinity pool.
As Sauna Dekor Spa & Solutions; We offer all kinds of services to our customers with our expert technical team, where you can ask any questions you may have for the construction of your dream infinity pool.

Infinity Pool Models and Prices

Infinity pool prices; It varies according to the quality of the materials used in the project, pool dimensions and design techniques. You can contact Sauna Dekor Spa & Solutions team to get the most accurate information, and you can get detailed information about infinity pool construction prices and models.

Infinity Pool Maintenance and Service

Always behind the product quality and the service it provides, Sauna Dekor performs the regular maintenance of your infinity pool projects with its expert team. The maintenance of the pools that are due for maintenance is carried out by our expert staff.
By contacting Sauna Dekor Spa & Solutions team, you can benefit from our infinity pool maintenance and service services and get consultancy on any subject you want.
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