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Ice Fountain

What is an Ice Fountain and How Is It Used?

They are projects designed with special systems to regulate blood circulation after the ice fountain, steam room or sauna sessions are over. Since sauna or steam sessions expose people to a very intense temperature, ice fountain application is applied to cool and refresh the body.

The special nozzle on the room walls ensures that the ice produced inside is filled into the bowl at the bottom. Pieces of ice are taken from the bowl and applied to the body for 1-2 minutes. As a result of this application, where the temperature varies between 2 °C and 12 °C, the body relaxes and relaxes.

The snow and ice accumulated in the bowl of our snow ice fountains is activated by the photocell system as it is used. Thus, there is no need for personnel control and snow and ice is produced as needed. Snow fountain application provides acceleration of circulation and strengthening of immune system. This relaxation therapy also tightens the skin and rejuvenates the entire body. This application can be repeated as often as desired.


Ice Fountain Benefits

In the construction and use of ice fountains, unlike applications that create a shock effect on the body when applied suddenly, such as a shock bucket, the body is gradually cooled.

Ice fountain models vary depending on the person and the wishes of the business, but basically, the snow taken from the ice fountain is applied first to the arms and legs and then to the rest of the body with soft and circular movements.

The body warmed up in previous sauna or steam sessions is numbed and relaxed with cold ice chips. Ice fountain applications help accelerate blood circulation in the body and strengthen the immune system. It also tightens the skin and rejuvenates the whole body.


How to Make an Ice Fountain

Ice fountain construction is very effective for relaxing and cooling the body coming out of the sauna and steam room. During the manufacture of the ice fountain, a mechanical system suitable for the space is first installed. After the stainless nozzle is placed on the wall, the glass bowl is attached just below the nozzle so that snow can be collected.

Thanks to the sensor installed in the system, the application can run automatically. After all these processes, various checks are made about whether the system is working correctly and the manufacturing stages of this fountain are completed.

Materials Used in Making Ice Fountain

It is recommended to choose quality materials that will not rust, crack or deteriorate during the construction of the ice fountain. Ice fountain, which is formed by taking the ice in pieces from the bowl and applying it to the body; It can be specially designed with material types such as wood, marble, glass mosaic, ceramic and chrome.

Dish, stainless nozzle and sensor; It is among the ice fountain models. As a result of the application of the mechanical system that includes the ice production and cooling system with these materials, the ice fountain construction is realized.

There are different ice fountain models and designs. Ice fountain construction prices may vary depending on these factors. As Sauna Dekor Spa & Solutions; We design and implement many details such as the equipment and placements required in ice fountain manufacturing projects for all businesses and private residences in our projects. We offer all kinds of services to our customers, together with our technical team, where you can ask all the questions in your mind about the cost of the ice fountain and the construction details.


Ice Fountain Models and Prices

There are ice fountain models designed with different production methods and materials. Ice fountain supplies; It can be used in a wide variety of ways, such as wood, marble, glass mosaic, ceramic and chrome. As Sauna Decor; We produce and apply ice fountain models suitable for every concept for Spa & Wellness centers , social facilities and private businesses.

Ice fountain prices may vary according to the types of materials and construction methods to be used. For the most accurate information, you can contact the Sauna Dekor Spa & Solutions team and get answers to your questions about the cost and construction of the ice fountain.

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