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Garden Pool

How to Make a Garden Pool?

Sauna Dekor, which is a solution partner for many projects in more than 20 different countries in the country and abroad, continues to serve its customers in garden pool projects with more than 30 years of experience and quality service understanding to beautify your living spaces.


We implement garden pool construction projects for gardens of different shapes and sizes with our experience and professional technical team we have gained over the years. For the construction of a pool in the garden, a plan should be created according to the desire and need, and the construction of the garden pool should be progressed within this plan.


Garden swimming pool projects can be designed as a natural extension of the concept, depending on the size, nature and design features of your garden; It can be enriched with alternative form and material choices.

Stages of Garden Pool Manufacturing

Garden pool projects are projects that require very good craftsmanship and professionalism and must be carried out by a team of experts. First of all, the dimensions of the garden pool should be taken, the area where the pool will be located in the garden should be determined and excavated. After the area is excavated, it should be leveled with the help of a roller.


For garden swimming pool insulation, waterproofing plates are placed around the pool. After the surfaces are laid, concrete is poured and waited for drying. Vinyl pool liner, which gives blue color to the inner surfaces of the garden pool, is laid on the panels laid on the surface. After the pool lining is laid, final tests and controls are made. After these processes, the stages of pool construction in the garden are completed and delivered to the customer.

Materials Used in the Construction of a Garden Pool

The materials used in the construction of the garden pool must be water-resistant and of a quality that will not crack or spill in the water. Water-resistant quality materials will ensure that the pool is long-lasting and offers a comfortable use to the user. The capacity of the filtering system to be made for cleaning the pool water directly affects the comfort and health of the users.


In order to provide cleaning in the pool, disinfection system, pool cleaning equipment, vacuum hose and pool chemicals can be used in garden pool construction projects. Pool pumps, which are an important part of the garden pool filtration system, also provide circulation within the pool, so the garden pool remains clean and clear at all times. Pumps should be kept in an open area to maintain cooling performance. Pool pumps are selected in a variety of sizes and qualities for different size garden pool building projects. Different garden pool models are basically similar in terms of materials used and construction stages.

Garden Pool Construction Cost

In garden pool construction projects, the cost is determined according to the installation, material, geometric shape and dimensions of the pool. Considering these parameters, high or low cost garden pool models can be encountered.


For more detailed information and support, you can contact the Sauna Dekor Spa & Solutions team and ask our technical team your questions about the construction of the pool in the garden.

Garden Pool Models and Prices

Garden pool models vary according to the needs of the customer, the size of the garden and the project budget. Although garden pool models in square, rectangular, round and oval geometries are generally preferred, more curvilinear and free designs can also be made.


As Sauna Dekor Spa & Solutions, we design and produce as our customers dream and in accordance with international quality standards by meticulously applying all stages of garden pool construction projects.

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