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Bio Sauna

What is Bio Sauna, and How Is It Used?

"Temperature: between 50° C to 60° C
Humidity: 45% to 65%"

Bio sauna is a sauna with a much less heated and humid atmosphere than Finnish saunas. While the temperature in the Finnish sauna ranges from around 50-60°C compared to 85-95°C, the humidity between -30 in the Finnish sauna is around 45-60% in the bio-sauna.


Relaxing aromas, herbs, etc., on heated rocks in traditional Finnish saunas. Steam is removed by pouring the added water.


On the other hand, the sauna's interior is illuminated with different colored lights at intervals during general use. It has been revealed that the colors used in the sauna have both biological and psychological functional benefits in the human body.


Bio saunas have positive effects on human health with their calming and relaxing effects, blue with stimulating effects and red, which is beneficial for the treatment of problematic skin such as eczema and acne, green, which contributes to the healing process in chronic diseases, and yellow, which creates a refreshing and happy atmosphere and helps psychology.


Bio saunas, which have a more humid and lower temperature indoor environment than saunas, have many users. They are suitable for use by people with vascular and blood pressure diseases.

How to Make a Bio Sauna?

Sauna Dekor offers holistic solutions to your dreams with its years of experience and service quality. While Sauna Dekor creates relaxing and relaxing saunas for your living spaces, it also provides a holistic service to the construction of bio saunas.

  • Location: It is necessary to decide where the sauna will be located in the project where you want the sauna to be located. Which room of the house or where the sauna can be located (garage, basement, attic, any room, etc.) is determined by the owner and our expert team, guided by the professional team of Sauna Dekor.
  • Design: After the location where the sauna will be built is determined, our design team listens to the project design's dreams to create the dream environment of the project owners, and the sauna design starts to make their dreams come true.
  • Application and Installation: The assembly process, which is also described as making the dreams of the customers come true by combining the preferred wood textures, other selected materials, and decoration items in the design, is carried out by Sauna Dekor's expert assembly team. In addition, our technical team serves you in the application area to design the colors and lighting details to be given to the interior in bio saunas.
  • Maintenance: Sauna Dekor, which always stands behind its designs, product quality, and service , performs the regular maintenance of your saunas with its expert team. Therefore, yOur competent team maintains your saunas in the field of sauna maintenance and service.

Stages of Bio Sauna Manufacturing

The most important and primary step in constructing the sauna, which you will create to add the relaxing, relaxing, and healing effects of bio sauna and colors to your living spaces, is to correctly determine the area where the sauna is will be built. If it is located inside the house or project, a place where plumbing, heating, and electricity can be easily accessed should be chosen. For a sauna to be designed outdoors, the sauna's location should be determined so that the area sits on a flat surface, away from overhanging trees and running water.


If the sauna is located technically and physically suitable, such as the size and distance to mechanical installations, the user's desired sauna design should be started. For example, what style the sauna room to be built should be, which tree type should be preferred, experts should be consulted for the technical details of the lighting for the use of colors, the cost of the materials to be selected, etc. all must be determined at this stage according to the imagined design.


After the sauna design, the application process is carried out professionally by the Sauna Dekor Spa & Solutions installation team in your home or the appropriate area of ​​your project.

Materials Used in Making Bio Sauna

As in traditional sauna designs, wooden timbers and paneling are used indoors. According to customers' requests, budgets, and design requirements, Cedar, Pine, Fir, Spruce, and Ayous trees are mostly preferred in Turkey.


A sauna stove should be selected that will provide the required temperature and humidity. Panels that will adjust the temperature and heat values ​​in the sauna should be preferred. Aromatherapy materials are among the products used in the bio sauna to be determined after the design. Aromatherapy scents and oils that will relax your body and increase your inner peace while resting will make your bio sauna experience much more enjoyable.

Cost of Building a Sauna

One of the most curious questions of those who want to include the refreshing and relaxing effects of colors in their lives with bio saunas is the cost part of building a bio sauna. How much it will cost; It varies according to the size of the sauna to be built, the number of necessary materials to be used in the manufacture of the sauna, the quality and properties of the selected material. The range of materials to be used in the manufacture of bio saunas is extensive. These play a major role in determining sauna prices.


Many different parameters such as the size of the area where the sauna will be built, the stages of preparation for the application, the logistics cost of the project, and the material preferences also change the sauna price.

Bio Sauna Models and Prices

Bio-sauna prices vary according to the preferred model, the size of the application area, and the characteristics of the selected material. Do not forget that you can get the most accurate information from the expert team of Sauna Dekor, which makes your dreams come true.

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